Kintsugi: to join with gold

Kintsugi 金継ぎ means literally to join with gold. Kintusugi belongs to the Zen ideals of wabi sabi and is related to the Zen Buddhist approach to ceramics.

Broken pots, plates, cups, and pottery should not simply be thrown away or neglected. Instead, they should maintain our respect and devotion and be repaired with immense love and care.

There is no need to hide the damage. In order to repair the broken piece, the artisan use a lacquer dusted with powdered gold. Every repaired piece becomes unique and literally illuminated.

Repairing the signs of fragility and impermanence of a pot, brings us a reconciliation with the flaws and accidents of time. Every life has scars. Eveybody is imperfect, damaged and vulnerable. Kintsugi teaches us to respect and love what is damaged and imperfect, starting with ourselves and those around us.