The enigmatic dreams of Patrick Cohen

When I was studying in Basel, my teacher Sergio Azzolini and Cristophe Coin were tolding us endless stories about Patrick Cohen.

Patrick lives in a fourteenth-century farmhouse in rural France, without electricity and internet communication. No mobile phone, of course. He teaches at a conservatory in Paris, two days a week. He needs four hours each way to travel to and from Paris by scooter and train. No driver's license, of course.

He lives like a monk and plays with a unique, tender and innocent rubato. In Music, rubato means a slight speeding up and then slowing down of the tempo of a piece. It is an expressive mean for the musical dialogue. Patrick Cohen's phrasing is always fascinating and unpredictable. But it is always easy to say 'It is Patrick Cohen'.

Now is time to let the music speak. Patrick Cohen on Satie. A fascinating combination.

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Have a great day and always listen to good music,