The 'waited for' photographs

One of the reasons why I love street photography is that there is not a single rule to follow. But you have many techniques in order to achieve good shots.

One simple trick is to wait for a photo. First, preconceive in your head the scene and wait for the subjects to come. An interesting background is an excellent starting point. If you are lucky then a mysterious subject will appear to allow you to take a good shot.

This approach is not easy because you need a lot of patience and a very good sense of rhythm. You have to wait a while but not too long to keep a fresh eye. If the subject understands you want to take a photograph he will walk behind you so you need to shoot at the very last moment. And most important, the result must look natural and not forced. But altogether it is still a very useful technique to achieve good shots.

While looking at some contact sheets I found a good example of a 'waited for' photograph I want to share with you. I was shooting a colorful kitesurf competition in Cagliari. The sequence started when I smelt a potential good background. Then I started to take some shots until the good one. I think it is a good educational sequence because you can see the entire process.

Here is the final shot.

And here follows the raw, unedited series of photos for your enjoyment.